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About Us

Young company based in Stockholm. We like clean and simple design, clear and balanced sound, but also care about our planet and environment and with that approach we have designed and built our Sophron range of speakers. Not following traditional speakers design but created unique minimalist one and you can make it personal with a message burned on the back side of one of the speakers. The production is limited and made in Sweden.


Exclusive Swarovski crystals edition
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❖Your words, your version and our logo is burned into wood as we do not use paints.
❖ Beautiful full range driver with aesthetically hidden bass resonator creates euphoric listening experience
❖ Unique trapezoid shape with one speaker design to keep minimalistic look
❖ Available also as exclusive Swarovski® crystals edition

❖ Made from sustainable materials
❖ Inside only OFC audio grade wiring is used
❖ Anti slip and anti vibration pad at the base of the speakers prevents them to move or resonate
❖ Passive, so they will last years

Made in Sweden

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Think carefully about what you want to say.